Soaring High – The Vibrant Kite Festival of Jaipur

Kite Festival

The kite festival which is well versed as ‘Makar Sankranti’ is quite a phenomenon in itself. To start with, the marking of the day also means the daylight that got lost into the early brumal dusks and late hiemal dawns of winters are to return with early sunshines and pleasant long evenings.

Symbolic of happiness, recreation and joy the kite festival in Jaipur is quite a happening day for the people of pink city. Also known as the ‘tithi’ of uttarayan, the day also holds religious sentiments as the day is considered particularly auspicious for doing good deeds.

Historically also the royalty of Jaipur has been famous for organising its as a regal pastime, for marking royal victories or even for sending playful messages. Taking this tradition ahead along with accommodating the religious significance the festival of ‘sakrat’ or the kite festival came into being.

While the city celebrates the kite festival, When you look up the sky it looks as if the high soaring kites are having their own playful tryst with the sky riding the winds wildly. Indeed, it is incredible to be a part of the its which is so inclusive, eventful and spectacular.

There is something happening in each and every corner of the city contributing their own share to the world-renowned kite festival. The heritage Jaipur area is well known to embrace the skill and craftsmanship of kite making. People use various materials such as paper, wood, bamboos etc and skilfully bring them together to prepare each and every piece. The people are so deeply enthusiastic and particular about this craft that each and every kite goes through its own process to have its own unique colour, name, types, appearance and capability to reach different hights.

Along with hundreds of colourful kites the blues of pleasant January sky also accommodates the melody of indigenous Rajasthani songs and the exquisite ambrosial of the local cuisine. Each terrace can be seen having its own episode of competitive kite flying and breezy & playful local remarks in the local tongue in the good festive spirits. The absolutely stunning cherry on the top for the kite festival is when hundreds of lanterns compliments the setting of the sun blow the horizon in the most surreal way possible.

Over the years, the kite festival has become a major tourist attraction, bringing thousands of folks from around the world to be a part of this well celebrated festival of pink city. The kite festival offers an excellent opportunity for experiencing the beautiful blend of various cultures as well blurring the socio-cultural-national boundaries. From being a leisure event, the Jaipur kite festival is a full-fledged open competition of international level where people flaunt their kite flying skills, kite making skills and each year unique and surprising records are set during the kite festival.

The kite festival is around a week-long celebration culminating on January 14th which is better known as the day of ‘Makar Sankranti’ with a designated public holiday as well. It is the Jaipur polo grounds which usually is the venue for the grand celebration of the kite festival (but the venue is subject to changes as per the administrative guidelines)    

So, pick your dozen of kites, a perfect roll of ‘majha’ and join the jaipurites in their enthusiasm to celebrate the kite festival. It will be a skill you would want to learn and a sight you won’t want to miss.

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