Immerse yourself in the vibrant celebrations of Teej festival in Jaipur

Teej festival in Jaipur – When you are in Jaipur and see the women around carrying beautiful and luring ‘lehriyas’ playfully printed on their nine yards of elegant sarees or the famous Jaipur kurtis, discerning aroma with the crimson colour of henna and jesting spirits, know that it is a personal way of the Jaipur femme to warmly welcome the ‘shravana maas/savan’ or just the happening monsoon.

The Teej festival falls around this time of the year only which is synonymous to pristine traditions and vibrant celebrations. In fact a symbolic observance in honour of the holy union of Gauri (goddess parvati) and shankar (lord shiva) the Teej festival hold a special place in the hearts of young women of the city which the Aravallis harbours so dearly.

Teej festival in Jaipur

A regal phenomenon

Going as per age old tradition the Teej festival takes its initiation from the Chandra mahal which is the current private residence of the Jaipur royals. Where the ladies of the royal family preferably the reigning young princess as per the family tree performs the ‘shringar’ and ‘bhog’ that is embellishing and offering local delicacies to the life size effigy of  ‘teej mata’, the diety central to the procession called ‘teej ke sawari’ which is the principle highlight of the teej festival.

The Teej festival starts from the majestic façade of tripolia gate decorated luxuriantly with colourful rangolis and flowers where savant local artist proudly flaunts the indigenous dance and art forms like ghoomar, kalbeliya, kacchii ghodi dance, kathputli and what not. Here the titular and reigning maharaja of Jaipur offers his prayers, bows his head in reverence and flags off the celebrations. The procession is studded with the traditional trinity of ‘hathi, ghoda and palki’ that are beautifully decorated elephants, camels, horses and palanquins all lined up in the honour of the teej festival.

The celebratory delicacies

Teej festival gives a perfect opportunity to indulge in the pleasure pool of Rajasthani cuisine. The month of monsoon along with the teej festival doesn’t bid their adieus before allowing you to savour the richness of ‘ghewar’ a round sweet dish soaked in sugar syrup and outdone with mouth watering rabadi and malai which is exclusively prepared for the teej festival and is exchanges between families as tradition. And then there is always this evergreen flagbearer of the Rajasthani culinary style appreciated all round the world and year, the signature ‘daal baati choorma’

A playful ancillary ritual

While strolling around the streets of Jaipur marinated in the vibe of the teej festival one can often behold women and young girls enjoying the tradition of swinging while bantering, singing and sharing folk stories. Various Rajput monsoon gardens give a beautiful history of swings where the ropes were made of scented fibres studded with fresh flowers often installed right above a pleasure pool so the queen or princess can frisk her feet with the cool rosewater and that is where the ‘hinda’ or the swing tradition of the teej festival springs from.

The tourism department of Rajasthan keep themselves on their toes to make this grand, revered and much awaited teej festival a success. They organise various cultural programs such as folk dance performances at the elegant edges of ‘taal katora’, rangoli competitions in the heritage area that is the premises of ‘chardiwari’ with the most happening arrangement being the Teej fair or the bazaar of the teej festival which attracts thousands of locals as well as foreigners and is a perfect place for blending in the shades of the pink culture of the royal city!  

Dates of Teej celebration 2023: August 19

venue of celebration : starting from Tripolia gate the procession reaches to chaugan stadium

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