Narhargarh Fort- A Journey through History and Spectacular Views of Jaipur City


Jaipur is a city known to experience the royal taste through its forts and palaces. In your Jaipur City, take time to visit the magnificent Narhargarh Fort. As I am sure that this place will surely capture your eyes along with your heart. Fort defines our culture through its architecture as it adds charm to Jaipur City. It is located on the outskirts of Jaipur. Let’s see how different is Narhargarh Fort from other Forts and why it is must visit for tourists. 

Narhargarh Fort

The Significance of Narhargarh Fort in Jaipur’s History.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the second founder of Jaipur city laid the stone of Narhargarh Fort in the year 1734. Earlier it was named ‘Sudarshangarh Fort’  after that, it was named ‘Narhargarh Fort’ which means abode of tigers. The major reason to built Narhargarh Fort was to provide a place for a retreat on the summit of the edge above the city. Walls are built to connect this fort to Jaigarh.

Later in the year 1868, When the reign of Sawai Man Singh occurred the immediate fort was extended. After that in the year between 1883- 1992 different palaces were built at this fort. Lastly in the year 1994, the Jaipur state government used the Narhargarh Fort for its official purpose as a gun was shot in the Fort. It is believed that Nahar here stands for Nahar Singh Bhomia.

The Architecture and Design of the Fort.

The reason behind building Narhargarh Fort was to protect it from invaders but the irony is that it never got attacked by any criminal. Narhargarh Fort is designed based on Indo- European Architectural Design and addition to many structures. It is 700 ft. high. There is a temple which is inside the Fort dedicated to Rathore Prince Nahar Singh Bhomia, in addition to one more temple which is on the left side dedicated to Jaipur Monarchs.

There is a two-story building called ‘Madhvendra Bhawan’ built by Sawai Madho Singh. Madhvendra Bhawan was the suite of the king and his 12 queens into the division of similar kinds of apartments. Each apartment has a bedroom, kitchen, lobby, toilets, and store. In Narhargarh Fort there is a place called ‘Diwan-E-Aam’ in which the king had meetings with his loyal subjects and listen to their issues to settle them.

In Narhargarh Fort there is a system for storage of water through a tank it comes from the top of the Hill. There are some great points to capture the beauty of the city if you are a photographer. You can also spot Victorian Floral Paintings they are very attractive. In April 1944 Jaipur Government declared Nahargarh Fort for their official use for some purposes.

Attractions around the Fort.

Around Narhargarh Fort there are various types of attractions to visit. Make sure you don’t miss any one of them.

  1. Sheesh Mahal.

Sheesh Mahal is one of the magnificent places which is a place of mirrors, and it is a beautiful place as it is constructed using 25 million pieces of Thikri, gold polish, and a mirror look. Mirrorwork makes it look so royal and elegant for tourists.

  1. Wax Museum.

Jaipur Wax Museum is established on the left side of Narhargarh Fort and built by the Department of Archaeology and Museums Jaipur. The specialty of the Wax Museum is that it contains wax statues dedicated to the Kings and Queens of Jaipur, sportspersons, Bollywood personalities, and freedom fighters which is around 35 silicon and wax statues.

  1. Sculpture Park

It is built in the Madhavendra Palace of  Fort where there is an astonishing collection of sculptures lines in the park. It gives a refreshing look to our ancient culture. It is just one kilometer away from Narhargarh Fort.

  1. The Royal Gaitors Tombs.

The Royal Gaitors Tombs is a place for the Tombs of famous Rulers. There are tombs of famous Maharajas like Madho Singh II, Pratap Singh, and Jay Singh II. It is very near to Narhargarh Fort.

  1. Local Bazaars.

Tourists can also complete their shopping because local bazaars are located near the Narhargarh Fort. It is just 30 to 45 minutes away from the Fort.

Favorable Time to visit.

The favorable time to visit Narhargarh Fort is during starting of winter to the end of winter from October to March. As there will be no heat during that time then you can enjoy peacefully there without any tiredness.

Timings of Narhargarh Fort.

Visiting time is daily from Monday to Sunday.

                                10:30 AM to 5:30 PM               

Charges to visit.

Charges to visit differ for every tourist based on their nationality.

Indian Nationals Rs. 50
Indian StudentsRs.25
Foreign NationalsRs. 200

How to reach Narhargarh Fort?

  1. From Airport, it will take an hour to reach there as it is just 28kms from the fort.
  2. From Bus Stand it is just 17 km in distance so a cab will be the best option.
  3. From Railway Stations it will take 50 minutes and 20 km in distance.


Krishna Nagar, Brahmapuri Jaipur Rajasthan.

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