Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur

Are you planning your trip to Pink City? Jaipur city is known for its pink color so this city is full of bright colors and you can experience the depth of Indian culture. Some of the best festivals in Jaipur are celebrated with full excitement. So, make sure you plan a trip during famous festival celebrations in Jaipur to experience unique fests in Jaipur. During the famous festival, it also captivates many tourists to make refreshing and memorable memories.

As with our old rich culture, it also brings dazzling beauty of bright colors to encounter some of the best festivals in Jaipur. As you have an interest in dancing and singing so there are various programs of Rajasthani folk dance and songs. These are famous festivals in Jaipur make sure that you made some of these into your bucket list.

Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur

  •              Elephant Festival.
  •            Donkey Festival,
  •            Gangaur Festival.
  •            Jaipur Literature Festival.
  •            Teej Festival.
  •             Kite Festival.
  •             Sheetla Mata Fair.
  •             Kajli Teej.
  •             Jaipur Dusshera Festival.
  •             Jaipur International Film Festival.
  1. Elephant Festival.

 Have you listen of the elephant festival anywhere?  Maybe Yes or Maybe No, Because it is one the best festival in Jaipur celebrated with great enthusiasm. The state of Rajasthan is famous for Kings and princes who take their rides with the help of the elephant. Elephant denotes royalty according to Rajasthani culture. It is a famous fest of Jaipur where all participant’s elephants are female.

                                 All Elephants are decked up with anklets on their legs, gold, and silver bracelets along with rings while their forehead is covered with amazing head plates, and ears and necks are covered with heavy jewelry. Their bodies are also colored with ravishing colors.


           Elephant festival starts when mahouts(keepers or riders)  arrive with their embellished elephants the voice of nagadas it gives a royal start to one the best festivals in Jaipur. Followed by it there is an amazing procession of mesmerizing elephants along with camels and horses. People also sprinkle gulaal on elephants and various types of competition like tug of war etc take place. To make it a famous fest in Jaipur it gives an award to the best-decorated elephant. To make it extra special live concerts, dances, and songs are also there in Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.

Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur
                            TimeFull moon day of Phalgun Poornima which falls in the month of Feb/Mar
                        LocationJaipur Polo Ground, just opposite Sawai Mansingh Stadium.
                    Ratings            4.5/5

 2. Donkey Festival.

                                     Donkey Festival is also known as one of the best festivals in Jaipur as it is a 500-year-old tradition. As per as name of these Jaipur festivals, people strike a deal to buy donkeys. Donkeys are brought from the northern part of India for the purpose of sale. Earlier it was started when tortoises defeated Chandra Meena in a battle so that is the reason to start this famous fest in Jaipur. Traders sell donkeys to potters, washermen, and construction workers so they can use donkeys to carry loads.


   Before the best festival in Jaipur begins donkeys are cleansed with soap properly so that they can design unique kinds of designs on their body and also put garlands of soothing flowers to make them attractive. Then donkey races and distinct types of competition too. Along with donkeys now camels and horses are also sold to customers. Donkeys of Kathiawaadis, Malani,, and Sanchori are in good demand at the famous fest in Jaipur 2023. Starting prices of donkeys are from 500 to 5000 in Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.

                    TimeDuring Mid-October
                  LocationLooniyabas is a small village just 20km away from Jaipur
                  Ratings      5.0/5

3. Gangaur Festival.

                 The Gangaur festival in Jaipur in 2023 will be celebrated with great pomp and excitement. The term ‘Gan’ and ‘Gaur’ represents Shiva and Gauri. The Gangaur festival originated when Parvati was given farewell from her parental home with a grand celebration. It is one of the best festivals in Jaipur for married women as they pray for their wedded bliss also for the long life of their husbands and also for a beautiful spring, Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur. 


         It is called a famous fest in Jaipur as it is a grand celebration of 3 days followed by 18 days. As for 18 days, married women keep fast and only eat one meal a day. Married women also receive gifts called Sinjara from their parents. Married women are also decked up in red sarees along with colorful bangles. An elegant procession also takes place where married women carry glorious idols of Shiva and Gauri on their heads and at last they immerse the idols in bawadi or jahadi. Clay idols of Shiva and Parvati are highlights of the Gangaur festival.

                  TimeFirst day of the month of Chaitra, on the following day of Holi, in the month of March
                Procession Zanani Deodhi in City Palace which covers Tripolia Bazaar, Choti Chaupar
                  Ratings  4.3/5

4. Jaipur Literature Festival.

                         As Literature is not known to many people so to make it popular the famous festival in Jaipur has brought the concept through this festival.  Jaipur Literature Festival is also known as JLF. It is a famous fest in Jaipur which is a 5 Days affair. The main aim of this festival is to educate people about different genres of books and to raise their interest in reading books. The directors of the best festival for Jaipurs are -;

  • Namita Gokhale
  • William Dalrymple

Producer of this festival is Sanjoy Roy of Teamwork Arts. It was inaugurated in 2006.


               Jaipur Literature Festival represents an event of distinct types of presentations by Authors through the reading of their books. So that their books should also be promoted in a manner so that customers should purchase them. In these festivals, the world’s best writers, thinkers, business leaders,  and politicians to speak and exchange their views through debate and speeches Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.

                               It is one of the best festivals in Jaipur as it generates a love of literature and writing. Artisans also put their stalls of handicraft items along with food and beverages. Music performances also add life to the famous festival in Jaipur.

                      Time    January
                  Location  Diggi Palace of City Centre
                   Ratings  3.5/5

 5. Teej Festival

                          With intriguing rituals Teej is also one of the best festivals in Jaipur. Teej Festival evolved when Shiva and Parvati become husband and wife for which Parvati had to take births for 108 years to prove her devotion and love to Lord Shiva. So, Women pray to Goddess Parvati for the well-being of their husbands. Teej Mata Temple is decorated with auspicious jewelry and beautiful clothes. It is a grand celebration for 3 days. It is the only time when Triploia Gates opens to the public. The city gets colored with Green color Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.


                    Lawns and Gardens are decorated in a creative way with spring flowers and swings are unique attractions so that women can play and enjoy them. An impressive procession is taken for 2 days in the best festival of Jaipur in which all married women are beautifully decked up. Procession with the idol of Teej Mata and it ends at Kanak Vrindavan. Unmarried girls also observe fast to get a good husband. Folks and Devotional songs are sung by ladies in a famous fest in Jaipur.

                  It’s a 3-day affair that has amazing traditions which are -;

  • Day 1- Dan Khaane Di, in which husbands prepare meals for their wives.
  • Day 2- Women neither eat nor drink and observe fast for the whole day and breakfast after praying full moon.
  • Day 3- Prayer and offerings are made to Goddess Parvati.
                    TimeIn months of Shravana and Bhadrapada in the month of July/August and September in the Gregorian Calendar.
                  Procession  Chaugan Stadium
          Google Review  5.0/5

6. Kite Festival

                                 Kite Festival, Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur one of the best festivals in Jaipur is organized by Rajasthan Tourism. This festival attracts a lot of visitors as it is a very famous fest in Jaipur. Generally, Kite Flying is done on the festive occasion of Makar Sankranti as it welcomes the summer season and is greeted by people. Makar Sankranti would be incomplete without this kite festival in Jaipur 2023. Jaipur is known for displaying its royalty along with the mixture of fun sides. To experience different colors in the sky people get up on their roofs to experience it Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.


                                Makar Sankranti is a government holiday as all banks, schools, and offices are been closed. The Kite festival is inaugurated at Jaipur Polo Ground because there are competitions like Kites War and Friendly Kite Flying. In these competitions, a lot of kite flyers take part because, on the last day of the festival, there is a Prize Distribution Ceremony held at Umaid Bhawan as it is one of the best festivals in Jaipur. Local singers and dancers also perform various kinds of cultural performances. Along with these lamps and fireworks make the city a more attractive view.

                          TimeOn the occasion of Makar Sankranti, in the month of January.
                 LocationUmaid Bhawan Palace

7. Sheetla Mata Fair.

                           The Sheetla Mata fair is a festival to please Sheetla Mata. It is said that in earlier times epidemic diseases like chicken pox were spreading because Mata Sheetla was upset so to make her happy they worship Sheetla Mata so that the disease should not be widespread. They also do prayers and offerings to honor Sheetla Mata. The coed attending one of the best festivals in Jaipur is nearly one lakh people. The main motive is to make Sheetla Mata happy so they can stay away from every disease.


                            The famous fest of Jaipur lasts only for a day. A red stone represents a deity. A colorful market in which varieties of shoes, utensils, foodstuff, clothes, and agricultural implements are sold. Altogether with it, a cattle fair is also organized where bullocks, horses, and camels are traded. Rewards are given to breeders who have the best quality of livestock. Rajasthani folks also come to enjoy with their camels and bullock cart.

                TimeIn the month of March/April
              LocationSeel Ki Dongri(35 km from Jaipur)

8. Kajli Teej.

                             Kajli Teej also known as Kajari Teej is one of the best festivals in Jaipur. Kajli Teej falls 3 days after the festival of Raksha Bandhan and 5 days before KrishnaJanmasatami. In kajli teej married women keeps fast to strengthen their married relationship and pray to Lord Shiva. As there is the utmost importance of Kajli Teej and very different from Hariyali and Hartalika Teej. Women also pray to neem as it is a ritual of this famous fest in Jaipur.  


                             On the occasion of Kajli Teej all married women get ready in beautiful attires and observe fasting for a day also there is a ritual of singing folk songs which are termed as Kajris. And also there is a procession of Goddess Teej full of artists and rocking bands with the addition of Camels and Elephants in the city of Bundi. Women can only break their fast by eating Sattus which is also a tradition of the best festival in Jaipur. Serving of food is done after the end of the procession.

                    TimeMonth of Bhadra in July/August.

9. Jaipur Dusshera Festival.

                   Jaipur Dusshera festival is celebrated as one of the best festivals in Jaipur as it is a grandeur celebration. It is celebrated after Navratri as good wins over bad. It holds great importance in Hindu culture. Another reason for the Dusshera festival is to honor Durga Mata to get good fertile soon.


                     The famous fest in Jaipur starts with enacting Ram- Leela with lots of dramas and events. And then huge statues of Ravanas, Kumbhkarana, and Meghnath are burnt followed by amazing fireworks it lights up the city. The rally starts at a nearby temple and and ends at Dusshera fair place. Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh also performs Shastra Pujan at City Palace. Along with it, he prays elephant, Ashva, and Palki Baggie and the Dusshera procession of SitaRamJi begins from City Palace with folk dancers and music bands.

                          As in the best festivals in Jaipur, Dusshera Mela is organized where people can enjoy food stalls and purchase things. A new style of burning statues at their own homes is started in Jaipur as of people’s own choice and style.

                      TimeIn the Hindu month of Ashwin in the month of September and October.
              LocationDashera Maidan, Adarsh Nagar

10. Jaipur International Film Festival

                      Jaipur International Film Festival is one of the emerging film festivals. Known as the best festival in Jaipur it was started in 2009. It is totally a new concept in the history of Indian Cinema. It is a 5 Days famous fest in Jaipur. It involves the participation of members from the whole world so it is a very insightful festival too Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.


                        In these festivals actors, directors, and producers exchange their ideas and discuss all the points of filmmaking. So, that their knowledge can be increased and some new inputs can be introduced. It is a very valuable festival to generate friendly relations among various countries

              TimeIn the month of January
            LocationJaipur, Rajasthan


                           Jaipur is the land of festivals as it celebrates different types of festivals with full pomp, vibrant colors, and full of excitement among people with just intriguing rituals. You can feel Rajasthan culture through this festival’s traditions. With every famous fest in Jaipur, the city gets colored in various colors. With every new season new festival arrives. Jaipurians do not leave a chance to rock these festivals. And in every festival, it attracts a the large number of visitors that arrive specifically for the festivals Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Which is the main festival of Jaipur Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur?

   Ans. Kajli Teej is the main festival of Jaipur which is celebrated with full of grandeur celebration in astonishing color attires.

  1. Famous Festival of Rajasthan Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur?

 Ans.  Desert Festival is famous for its thrilling camel races in the famous Thar Desert.

  1. Which is the most known Festival of Jaipur?

  Ans. Kajli Teej is the most known festival of Jaipur Top 10 Festivals in Jaipur .                 

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