Sisodiya Rani Ka Bagh – A Tranquil Garden Retreat in Jaipur

Set In the plush precincts of ghat ki guni ‘Jaipur’s very own heritage verse in a valley’, sisodiya rani ka bagh stands wide and tall with a quite a grandeur flaunting the fine fusion of the Rajputana royalty and the Mughal magnificence.

Sisodiya Rani

Remembered as a grand and romantic gesture of Maharaja Sawai jai singh, sisodiya rani ka bagh was infact a gift for his ‘majhili rani’ who despite being the middle one ruled as the ‘Patrani- the chief queen’.

This patrani was none other than the princess of Udaipur, her highness Queen Ranawat who later came to be known as sisodiya rani owing to her royal blood line and hence the royal palatial garden often giving a striking resemblance to the noorjahan’s beloved charbagh style was christened sisodiya rani ka bagh.

The gift was intended to make the princess feel at home as she came from Udaipur which in itself is a mesmerising and pleasant city. The city of Jaipur whenever fell short on lakes and ponds it made up for that by resplendence. Her son Sawai madho rao eventually turned out to be the successor and was also quite sensitive towards the upkeep of a bagh exclusively built for his mother.

Defining features!

Right at the entrance of sisodiya rani ka bagh the detailed murals are there to catch one’s fancy. Based on the celebrated pair of radha krishna and their revered weld, the murals compliment the walls of sisodiya rani ka bagh quite remarkable. Here and there some war scenes, hunting frames and some local deities can also be seen enhancing the bagh’s cultural significance.

The chief palace chamber has now been turned into a museum narrating the luxuriant lifestyle of sisiodiya rani in her bagh. The perfect palanquins, the charming chandeliers and other objects are well maintained and utilised to give sneek peek into a golden timeline.

The impressive perspective

Sisodiya rani ka bagh is actually an epitome of architectural prowess and symmetricity. Apart from the usual perfectness of the concave curves and carved cornices which is signature of heritage architecture in Rajputana, each jharokha and chatri offers a view which is complimented by a perfect geometrical alignment.

A leisure pool with white marbles commends the chief chambers of the queen from where the whole bagh is visible in quite a style. Sisodiya rani ka bagh can be compared to a regal waterfall with lush vegetation effortfully arranged to accompany the fluvial tracks.

Sisodiya rani a bagh, a Rajpoot monsoon garden springs to its youth with downpours feeding its natural water channels with nature preparing an exemplary emerald background turning the year-round brown hills into absolute greens giving a picturesque perspective. The efforts given into maintain the fountains and lights by the government authorities only adds more serenity to the bagh. So next time you want brandish the Indian monsoon in front a your knowns from abroad, just savour the petrichor by yourself or want to have a perfect wedding photoshoot, sisodiya rani ka bagh in its full bloom can be quite a serious consideration.

Timings: 8:00 AM- 5:00PM

Entry fees: 50/person for Indians

                 200/person for foreign tourists

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