Encounter wildlife in its natural habitat at Nahargarh Biological Park in Jaipur

Complimented by the majestic backdrop of the Nahargarh fort, the Nahargarh biological park which is also conferred with the designation of a zoological park is a true treasure trove for wildlife enthusiasts and admirers of nature.



With the aim of preserving the indigenous flora and fauna some of which are endemic and exclusive to the dhundhar region over which the city of Jaipur is located the Nahargarh biological park was established in the year 2016.

Set in the outskirts of the city the park has a vast extent of more than seven square kilometres dedicated to the cause of protection of the wildlife which so regally sojourns in the Nahargarh. Interestingly the term ‘Nahar’ means tiger and at one point of time they were a frequent and a very normal site around this hill hence Raja jai singh built a fort for convenient royal hunting excursions and Ironically the same hill now beholds endeavours for conservation.  

The rightful residents

A plethora of natural diversity can be observed here including roaring canines like lions, tigers and wolves, hopping dears, rolling bears and chirping birds of different varieties. Fascinating reptiles are also found here with a separate space for themselves.

A significant location

The beautiful and carefully curated pathways give visitors the pleasure of walking in the playful company of wild grasses and heathers where the moors are surrounded by variety and excellence that mother nature creates. So whether it is to be a family day out with kids, a breezy weekend with friends or just some quality time with your partner in the natural vicinity Nahargarh is the place that will do justice to all.  

Courting nature is quite a phenomenon in itself and an effort to leverage Nahargarh for tourism and at the same time educating people must be commended. Along with an experience akin to a safari the Nahargarh biological park has a panacea to offer when it comes to wildlife conservation which includes nature walks often called as the healing strolls by the nature cognoscente, educational programs, learning tours etc.

What all there is to see

The precinct is thoughtfully fragmented to allow each section of the biodiversity a fair share of space.

An aviary embracing the songs of a wide variety of the feathered marvels in the Nahargarh biological park is a sweet treat for bird watchers and enthusiasts. One can very well choose the botanical garden as their next stop to appreciate the well maintained greens subtly flaunting the heterogeneity that the flora here has to offer.    

After appreciating the greens, when the sun is nearing the horizon, setting in style it gives queue to an eventful night ahead at the Nahargarh biological park as it furnishes a unique escapade of night safari where one can quench the curiosity about the nightlife of the fellow biodiversity.

So buckle up for an exciting and wholesome day ahead should you choose Nahargarh biological park to be your next stop.

Address: NH8, kukas, rajasthan

Timings: 9:00am-5:00 pm

*Tuesday closed

Ticket: Indian adults- INR 50

             Indian students- INR 20

             Foreigners- INR 300

*Separate charges for safari and camera

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