Top 5 Lakes and Natural Beauty- Discover Jaipur’s and Indulge in Local Cuisine

Top 5 Lakes, As everyone knows that Jaipur is famous for its beauty which is embedded in palaces, and forts but Jaipur’s natural beauty is what will attract you the most. To emerge you in the beauty of Jaipur’s nature let’s talk about the famous lakes of Jaipur. Nowadays people want to explore nature and want to spend time with it because it makes them happy. Through research, it is found that after covid-19 people take trips that cover nature to embrace the beauty of nature.

Every lake in Jaipur has its own identity with its story. If you ever had a chance to go to Jaipur make sure to take time out to visit these lakes which are as follows.

Top 5 Lakes in jaipur

  1. Chandlai Lake

If you are a wildlife photographer or a nature lover then to capture beautiful pictures of birds or to embrace nature then you must surely visit Chandlai Lake in Jaipur which is just 20 miles away from Village Chandlai. You can spot varieties of birds along with other beautiful migratory birds. Chandlai Lake is an ancient lake that is 140 years which was built in 1872,  old inland water body that represents our history. The water of Chandlai Lake is unpolluted from the wooded hills through which it runs off its Top 5 Lakes. 

For tourists, it can also be a wonderful destination with amazing scenic views where they can enjoy a lot of activities like Boating, Bicycling, Horse riding, hiking, water sports, bird watching, etc. Chandlai Lake fetches over 10000 local and migratory birds like Pied Avochet, Red Shank, Ruff, Common teal, and Flamingos capturing the whole attention of tourists. The best time to visit Chandlai Lake is in November and early March.

Top 5 Lakes
          LocationChandlai Lake, Rajasthan.
        Entry Fees     Free Entry
  1. Mann Sagar Lake.

As Mann Sagar Lake is one of the oldest and most famous lakes of Jaipur which was constructed in 1610. This lake was named by Raja Man Singh who was ruler of Amer. Mann Sagar Lake was built by a constructing a dam across the Darbhawati River and the water spread is 300 acres. This lake is covered by Aravalli hills which gives it a different look. Jal Mahal is located in the middle of the lake, from the top of  Narhargarh Fort you can also have a look at Mann Sagar Lake along with Jal Mahal.

The depth of Mann Sagar Lake is 4.5m which is 15ft from the surface. You can also spot birds at Mann Sagar Lake like Greater Flamingos, Lesser Flamingos, Shikra, King Vulture, etc. In earlier days the lake was covered with polluted water but now it has been filled with pure water. Mann Sagar Lake is the only nearby water source in Jaipur City Top 5 Lakes

            LocationMann Sagar Lake, Jal Mahal, Amer Jaipur, Rajasthan.
              Entry FeesFree Entry
  1. Sambhar Lake.

Sambhar lake is a salt lake, which is India’s largest inland salt lake. It is located in the town of Sambhar which is 80km away from the southwest and 64km northwest of Jaipur city. It is one of the most visited lakes in Jaipur City. The length of the lake is 35.5km and the breadth is 3km. The depth of the mann sagar lake is 60cm. Sambhar Lake receives water from 6 different rivers which are Mantha, Rupangarh, Khari, and Khandela. Medtha and Samod. 

Sambhar Lake is India’s largest saline lake which has a production of 196,000 tonnes of clean salt. The catchment area is 5700 sq. km. There is also Shakambari Mata Temple in the lake which also has a great sight of wildlife. Sambhar Lake is also surrounded by Aravalli Hills. Some of the scenes of Bollywood films are shot at Sambhar Lake which is Delhi-6, Highway, Gulaal, etc.

        LocationShakambari Jheel, Rajasthan
        Entry FeesFree entry
  1. Ramgarh Lake.

Ramgarh Lake is located 32 km away from Jaipur City near Jamwa Ramgarh. It is an artificial lake as it was the only source of water supply for the walled city but now it is dry. Ramgarh Lake is built on the high bank amongst the trees covered in hills. The areas situated nearby the lake is declared a dense forest surrounded by Government in 1982. The unique attraction of this lake is Jamwa Mata Temple, Historical Fort, a well-equipped library, and a museum and Top 5 Lakes.

Ramgarh Lake also offers wildlife sanctuaries to tourists. And it has also hosted a rowing event during the 1982 Asian Games. Ramgarh Lake is always full of crowds.  The Best time to visit Ramgarh Lake is from October to June.

            LocationRamgarh Lake, Gopalgarh. Rajasthan.
          Entry Fees Free Entry

5.Maota Lake.

Maota Lake is located at the base of Jaipur which is 11 km away from Jaipur City. And its unique quality is that there is is an island in the land which makes it more attractive, its name is Kesar Kyari Bagh. It is called Maota because there are a large number of trees near the lake area. Primarily it was the source of water supply for Amber Fort and also for the common people for the process of filling rainwater from nearby hills during the season of monsoon that Top 5 Lakes.

Places to visit near Maota Lake are the Hall of Mirrors, Jaigarh Fort, and Jal Mahal. 

          LocationMaota Lake, Devisinghpura, Amer, Rajasthan.
          Entry FeesFree Entry


You can visit lakes throughout the year but from October to March it is the best time to visit these lakes. Top 5 Lakes are created as recreational areas so that people can hang out with their families to spend quality time. Lakes are also the places that most nature lovers love to visit. If you love to spend time alone then lakes can be your best companion. You can see all kinds of birds over the lakes and can capture them with your cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Which is the largest lake in Top 5 Lakes Jaipur?

          Sambhar Lake is the largest lake in Jaipur.

  1. Which lake is near Top 5 Lakes Jaipur?

 Ramgarh Lake is near Jaipur.

  1. In which lake is Jal Mahal Top 5 Lakes Jaipur?

 Jal Mahal Jaipur is in Man Sagar Lake.

  1. How many lakes are there in Top 5 Lakes Jaipur?

There are 6 lakes in Jaipur.

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