Kanak Ghati- Discovering Natural Beauty Amidst Jaipur’s Hills.

In Pink City, Jaipur there are lots of gardens but Kanak Ghati is the perfect place to spend time with your family. Sometimes tourists want to explore the places which make them feel alive and refresh them so they can feel happy and can take a bucket full of memories along with them. So, fix these spots on your bucket list as soon as possible.

It can be a go-to place for nature lovers who love to be in nature or do photography of serene and beautiful greenery as the area is surrounded by landscapes and covered with mountains too. For the convenience of tourists, these place is located at the center of the city where they can reach easily.

Kanak Ghati

Origin of Kanak Ghati

 The history behind its that it was built 280 years ago by the famous Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh it is a place for your free time from the chaos of life. Tourists can enjoy these place as it is well secured by police security to avoid any inconvenience for them or to avoid mishap. It is situated on the way to Amer Town in Jaipur. It is considered a very important place in Pink City

The architecture of Kanak Ghati

One most unique attractions of Kanak Ghati is that it resembles God’s unique pastimes. This lawn has many unique statues related to the life incidents of Lord Krishna. It comprises lord Krishna’s abode in Vrindavan.

In one scene there is the representation of Lord Krishna playing with Gopis through statues which are very beautifully designed.

In another scene, it represents Lord Krishna sitting on a tree and stealing the clothes of Gopis who had come to take a bath in a lake. It looks so impressive.

In addition to these statues, there is a scenic waterfall, a water pond, many swings, and playing swings for children to enjoy and pass their time.

Ticket Cost of Kanak Ghati

Price per Person- Rs.35 per person.

Car Parking. Rs.30

Bus Parking- Rs.40

Bike Parking- Rs.10

Camera Charges- Rs. 500


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Attractions of its

  1. Playful activities for kids.
  2. Greener Landscapes.
  3. Artificial Water Pond.
  4. Scenic Waterfall.
  5. Sound of Animals.
  6. Surrounded By Aravalli Hills.

Address of Kanak Ghati

Amer Raod, Jal Mahal, Kanak Ghati, Jaipur.

Its Contact No


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Resturants Near Kanak Ghati

  1. Mamta Cafe.
  2. ShikarBadi.
  3. Shahin Hotel and Restaurant.
  4. Laal Maas Jaipur Restaurants.
  5. Cafe Amber.

Nearby Attractions to Kanak Ghati

  1. Amber Palace.
  2. Jaigarh Fort.
  3.  Shree Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Ka Mandir.
  4. Narhargarh Fort.
  5. Jal Mahal.

Important Things to carry while visiting Kanak Ghati

  1. Sunglasses.
  2. Camera.
  3. Water Bottle.
  4. First Aid-Kit.
  5. Comfort Shoes.

How to reach Kanak Ghati?

  1. From Jaipur International Airport, Distance is 17.8km it will take 31 minutes to reach there.
  2. From Jaipur Railway Station, Distance is 11.0km it will take 22 minutes to reach there.
  3. From Jaipur Bus Stand, Distance is 6.1km and it will take 13 minutes to reach there.

Best Time to Visit

The favorable time to visit Kanak Ghat is from November to March. As heat is very scorching in the summer in Jaipur.


It is a perfect destination for you to spend a holiday with your family and friends as it can be a fantastic place for children to play along with fun rides and swings. It is full of greenery along with breathtaking waterfalls too. There are also some benches where you can relax too. Highlights of this are sculptures of Lord Krishna which are very beautiful. Entry fees are also very reasonable in addition a parking facility is also available. It is located at a place where you can reach in minimum time. In the garden, there is a very scenic fountain.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is the history of Kanak Ghati Jaipur?

                It is located near Amer in Pink City Jaipur.

  1. What are the entry fees for Kanak Ghati?

   Entry fees for Kanak Ghati are Rs.35 per person.

  1. Why is Kanak Ghati so much famous?

 Kanak Ghati is famous for its beautiful greenery and impressive views of Lord Krishna.

  1. Is Kanak Ghati open today?

 Yes, it is open today.

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