JALDHARA – Immerse Yourself in the Serene Waters of Jaipur

After a very boring and hectic life who doesn’t needs a break or time off with your family? So, It can be a serene place to forget all the problems of your life because it’s only nature that makes you refresh and a spirit to look forward to life. Jaldhara is a must-visit tourist spot for every tourist in  Jaipur city. 

Jaldhara is a water theme park located in Jaipur City. It is developed by Jaipur Development Authority. It is a man-made waterfall which is located in the heart of Jaipur city. You can experience here aquatic adventures with colorful flowers, greenery, and cheerful sounds of water that move through the fountains. It can be a place of peace for some people and a romantic place for lovers too.


Artistic View of Jaldhara

It is a manmade waterfall that is stretched over an area of 150 feet with a height of 25 feet tall. Along with it, there is a beautiful mountain which is 500 meters deep. With amazing sculptures, it makes a perfect spot for photographers who loves to click their photos. As it is a man-made waterfall but multiple water rows make it look naturally beautiful. There are many beautiful gardens where people can relax and talk with each other along with enjoying the view of the scenic waterfall.

Renovations in Jaldhara.

Due to heavy rainfall few restrictions were imposed on Jaldhara for that reason it was closed for a few years it has undergone many changes to get renovated to provide extra facilities to tourists and make it a safe place for every tourist.

Night Time Attractions.

To make a memorable experience for tourists, colorful illuminating lights have been installed. After that, the place looks fantastic and soothing, and the view is also attractive at night time for visitors. These visitors are also coming at night time in larger numbers to take the full joy of this view. Few safety protocols have been implied in Jaldhara to avoid any mishap. Proper arrangement of parking is done to avoid accidents or anything else.

Birdwatcher’s Paradise.

The surroundings of Jaldhara are very greener which attracts various types of birds. It offers a sight of distinct kinds of species of birds to wildlife photographers along with vibrant flora. Tourists who love to take pictures of birds can also enjoy a lot while taking different pictures. One more attraction of Jaldhara is fake crocodiles and turtles but the timings are only from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Water Reservoir.

Water in Jalandhar is good but not for drinking even if its smell is good. As water is recycled not wasted. First of all, water is collected then after completing the process of recycling it, then it comes to Jaldhara. Ultimately it is a good technique to save water. The dirty water of the whole city is recycled and then used but it looks so apparent.

Ticket Prices.

There are different ticket prices on weekdays and weekends.

On WeekDays- Rs.10On Weekends- Rs.20


Timings of Jaldhara waterfall are as given below.

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.


VR95+X67, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Near Shiksha Sankul Gate, Mahesh Nagar Phatak, Bajaj Nagar Jaipur.

Resturants Near Jaldhara Water Park.

  1. Restaurant Handi.
  2. Okra.
  3. Magnolia.
  4. Sara’s Salon.
  5. Restaurant Saffron.

How to reach Jaldhara?

  1. From Jaipur International Airport, the distance is only 7km.
  2. From Jaipur Railway Station, the distance is just 8km.
  3. From Jaipur Bus Stand, the distance is only 8km

Nearby Attractions.

Some of the famous attractions that you can visit along with Jaldhara Waterfall are.

  1. World Trade Park.
  2. Gaurav Tower.
  3. Nehru Garden.
  4. Smriti Van.
  5. Patrika Gate.


Jaldhara can be a favorite spot for people who loves to be close to nature and also find their solace in nature. It is an artificial waterfall that also becomes beautiful with its paintings, green environment, and varieties of flowers. An ideal place for photography, a fun-filled experience with water rides and slides. Tourists also spot types of birds in Jaldhara. Jaipur Development Authority has left no stone unturned to provide the best facilities to every visitor along with washrooms and facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is the time of Jaldhara?

Gates are opened at 9:00 AM and closed at 9:00 PM.

  1. What is the ticket price of Jaldhara?

On Weekdays – Rs.10

On Weekends- Rs. 20

  1. Is Parking available at Jaldhara?

Yes, Parking is available.

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