Mini Ladhak Jali Dham Temple – A Day Outing place in Jaipur

Nestled in the serene village of Basna, just a short distance from Jaipur lies a hidden gem that will transport you to the tranquil mountains of Ladakh. The Mini Ladakh Jali Dham Temple is a 600-700-year-old temple that has been lovingly cared for by Ganga Das Ji Maharaj. What makes this temple truly unique is … Read more

Immersive Jaipur- Two Days Itinerary for Exploring the Pink City’s Rich

Are you just bored with your work-eat-sleep routine? So, Jaipur can be your next travel destination. A pink city with a mixture of traditional and modern culture, astonishing palaces, and outstanding markets with delicious foods. Explore your ancient culture in the colorful city of Immersive. Festivals are the beauty of this city as it is … Read more

Jantar Mantar- Unraveling 10 Astronomical Wonders of Jaipur’s Ancient

If you love to explore something different from just markets and palaces so there is a fascinating place called Jantar Mantar. It is located at the heart of the city of Jaipur. It can be a great place to visit for Architects, Mathematicians, Historians, and Geographers. It is identified as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along … Read more

Jaipur 5 Day Travel Itinerary

“JAIPUR UNVEILED” – FIVE DAYS OF CULTURAL EXPERIENCES AND HIDDEN GEMS Jaipur – From spectacular forts and palaces, sacred temples, cultural festivities and an old-world astronomical observatory to ancient step wells, vibrant bazaars and lip-smacking food – the Pink City bestows an array of choices. The place, acclaimed for its historical ambience and spiritual bliss, … Read more